New tracking method adapted to all budgets.

Lost your car and can’t remember where you parked? It happens to the best of us: wandering aimlessly through parking lots, clicking the panic button on your key chain to get your headlights to illuminate.

You don’t need some spendy radio transponder to keep tabs on your car. Uplinking your wheels to the great eye in the sky without breaking the bank is easier than you think.

Standalone GPS and radio triangulation units can cost hundreds. And that’s not counting the installation and (frequently hefty) activation and monthly fees associated with whatever service you do choose. For most of us, it’s overkill. The good news is that some of life’s biggest problems seem to be disappearing because of new technology. If you frequently forget where you parked your car, there is a tiny gadget and app that could be what you’re looking for.

What is it about?

It’s about Trackr, A small and discreet device the size of a coin that is revolutionizing the market.


But… How does it work?

Very easy! It will take less than five minutes to put it to work. You simply have to pair it with your smartphone and download the free application which will help you locate it with ease.


Now you just have to open the application on your mobile and you can see how far away your vehicle is. If it goes out of bluetooth range, you will get a location update of where it last was! Even if it gets lost or stolen – you’ll get a location update whenever it passes by one of the tens of thousands of TrackR users.

With TrackR you’ll gain peace of mind, knowing you can find your car quickly.

In the following video you’ll be able to see it in action:

How much is it going to cost me?

You’re probably thinking that this device will be very expensive…. nope. This is the best part, you can acquire one for so little, the price is about $29. Not bad considering it gives peace of mind.

How to buy it?

That’s easy, you can buy it from the website.

Now you can buy 2 units and get 1 free. Offer ends

Other functions

Do you often forget your wallet? Forget where you left your keys? Or want to prevent your pet from escaping? With Trackr you can also track your personal belongings, just simply attach it to anything you consider important for you or easy to lose, you link it to your Smartphone (with the Trackr application) and you will find what you lost, it’s that easy!

Detailed instructions on how to use Trackr

Now that you are aware of the potential of this curious device, we will make a brief summary to clear all your doubts:

  • Step 1: Get Trackr from this website, you’ll get it delivered to your home in about 1 week.
  • Step 2: Link Trackr Bravo with your Smartphone (iPhone or Android) and hide it in your car.
  • Step 3: Download the app and be able to find your car or other valuables in seconds.

As Simple As That!

Get TrackR Now